Sheet Music for Brass Band - five part scoring

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The Salvation Army Classics Series features pieces that have been rescored for "Unity Series" (five-part) scoring. Part I 1st cornet Bb Part II 2nd cornet Bb and 1st horn Eb Part III 2nd horn Eb, Baritone and Trombone Bb Part IV Euphonium Bb Part V Bass Eb and Bass Bb All arrangements featured in this journal, with the exception of "In Quiet Pastures", which was transcribed by the composer, have been completed by Retired Songster Leader Michael Babb.

No 9 Meditation - The Light of The World (General Series no 1329) by Dean Goffin A meditation illustrating, in expressive manner, the song "O Jesus, Thou art standing outside the fast closed door" (Aurielia), and which also includes the chorus "Behold me standing at the door". This meditation was published in 1950.

No 10 Selection - In Quiet Pastures (General Series no 1330) by Ray Steadman-Allen The songs on which this expressive selection is based, include "Trust in God", "Shepherd, hear my prayer" and "At peace with God". The music, published in 1950, speaks of inner calm in the depths of the soul when there is quiet trust and strong faith that Divine control means ultimate good.

No 11 Hymn tune arrangement - Sweet hour of prayer (General Series 1400,1) by Erik Leidzén We are greatly indebted to Erik Leidzén for this beautiful arrangement of Bradbury´s well-loved song, and feel that jour journals are much enriched by its inclusion. This arrangement was first published in 1954.

No 12 March - Emblem of The Army (General Series no 1572) by Arthur Gullidge This march was first published in the Australian Regal Brass Band Journal (not Salvation Army) in 1934 under the title "The Hussar". Arthur Gullidge was promoted to Glory at the age of 33, after which The Salvation Army republished the march in 1967 under its current title, incorporating the chorus "Lift up the Army banner, blood and fire".

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