American Band Journal

ges ut av Frälsningsarméns Musikavdelning i New York, USA

is edited by The Salvation Army Music Department in New York, USA

Although nine instrumentalists may adequately present music in the American Band Journal, the scoring is designed to work equally well or better with a full compliment.

For nine brass instrumentalists, two cornetists should be assigned to the 1st cornet part because of the frequent use of divisi, with one 2nd cornet, two horns, two trombones, one euphonium and one tuba completing the minimum group.

Optional parts (for soprano cornet, flugel horn, baritone, bass trombone and percussion) are all included.

The music is complete without these parts but their use will greatly enhance the performance, as long as the fundamental parts are covered.

A free set of transposed parts in F and C (treble/bass clef) is available on request.

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