Written by Andrew Wainwright

  • Artnr: BWM 19
  • I lager:5 st

Beskrivning av artikel

Fanfare of Joy was commissioned by the Burbage Band (Buxton) and its conductor Steven Critchlow in 2017. Based on Joy to the World and The First Nowell, this spectacular work opens with a majestic brass fanfare, before breaking in a Celtic-style dance which builds to a dramatic conclusion. 

The fanfare opening serves to announce the arrival of something special. In this case, the fanfare announces the arrival of Christmas, a time of joy and celebration.

The Celtic-style dance is a lively and energetic movement that captures the spirit of Christmas. The music is full of syncopated rhythms and intricate melodies, driven by percussion.

The final movement of the piece is a dramatic conclusion that brings the work to a rousing finish. The music is full of excitement and energy, and a fitting celebration of the Christmas season

Difficulty Level: 1st Section +


Soprano Cornet Eb - Solo Cornet Bb - Repiano Cornet Bb - 2nd Cornet Bb - 3rd Cornet Bb - Flugel Horn Bb - Solo Horn Eb - 1st Horn Eb - 2nd Horn Eb - 1st Baritone Bb - 2nd Baritone Bb - 1st Trombone Bb - 2nd Trombone Bb - Bass Trombone - Euphonium Bb - Bass Eb - Bass Bb - Timpani - Percussion 1-3

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