Sheet Music for Brass Band

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No 283   March - Victory
by Andrew Barrington

This bright march was written tom commemorate Lt Colonels Henry and Dorris Gonzalez´s service as Divisional Leaders of the Arkansas and Oklahoma Division. It is based on the old Salvation Army song "War Cry".

No 284   The Father´s Love
by Roger Trigg

The Father´s Love was written for the Melbourne Staff Band´s tour of New Zealand in 2004. It is based on the contemporary hymn "How Deep the Father´s Love" by Stuart Townend which tells the story of Christ on the cross and what His sacrifice cost God, The Father, and how a follower of Christ tries to respond to that gift.

No 285   Cornet solo  -  Jesus Loves Me
by Morgan Juel Stavik

This beautiful cornet solo arrangement of Lt Colonel Ray Bowes´ setting of the same song. It was written for the Askim band and first performed on the band´s tour of Newfoundland in 2007

No 286   This I Know
by William Himes

This setting of two familiar choruses - "Jesus is the Sweetest Name I Know" and "Jesus Loves Me" was written in tribute to Bandmaster James B. Anderson. Beyond his dedicated musicianship, he will always be remembered for his steady, faithful and inspiring Christian example.

No 287   Euphonium duet  -  All That I Am
by William Himes, arr Thomas Mack

This duet was written for Ryan McRudden and Major Thomas Mack of the Hempstead Citadel Corps Band, New York. It incorporates William Himes´ well loved song with the same title. The sonority of two euphoniums will hopefully emphasize the magnitude of our total commitment to the Lord