Sheet Music for Brass Band - five part scoring

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The Salvation Army Classics Series features pieces that have been rescored for "Unity Series" (five-part) scoring. Part I 1st cornet Bb Part II 2nd cornet Bb and 1st horn Eb Part III 2nd horn Eb, Baritone and Trombone Bb Part IV Euphonium Bb Part V Bass Eb and Bass Bb All arrangements featured in this journal, with the exception of "By Love Compelled", which was transcribed by the composer, have been completed by Retired Songster Leader Michael Babb.

No 13 March - Star Lake (General Series no 1200) by Eric Ball In 1937 the writer was privileged to be a guest at The Salvation Army´s Music Camp held at Star Lake, N.J., USA - a very happy experience indeed. This march was written, very hurriedly, for the Camp´s A-Band, with a squad of copyists sitting around the desk waiting for each new page of score to be handed to them. It was witten, rehearsed and given a public performance within a few hours. The march was published in 1941.

No 14 Selection - In wonder beholding (General Series no 1557) by Leslie Condon Published in 1966, and including well-known themes, mostly meditative, the music seeks to evoke a sense of wonder at the all-embracing love of God.

No 15 Hymn tune arrangement - Bethany (General Series no 1551) by Ray Steadman-Allen Henry Thomas Smart, the composer of the hymne tune "Bethany" was born in London in 1813, a church organist, the tune "Regent Square" is also by him. This setting, first published in 1965, comprises three different arrangements of the melody.

No 16 Selection - By Love Compelled (General Series no 1362) by Ray Steadman-Allen Under the compulsion of God´s love, men seek and receive divine forgineness. This thought is demonstrated in two songs - "O Saviour, I am coming" and "Take all my sins away". The sequel, desire for consecration and service, finds its expression in the chorus "All my days and all my hours". This selection was published in 1952.

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