GENERAL SERIES No 2154 - 2157

Sheet Music for Brass Band

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No 2154   Cornet Solo - The Victory Cry

by Andrew blyth

This solo features the popular song by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty entitled the "Power of the Cross", along with an original song by the composer, "The Cross of Hope". It was originally written at the request of Staff Bandsman Garry Todd and the Melbourne Staff Band

No 2155   Mission Force

by Stephen Bulla

Performed by the International Staff Band

This is programmatic music, portraying the determination and forward vision of the modern church´s mission. It includes two well-known hymns, "Trentham" and "Slane", using their words as metaphors that described this quest into a spiritual future

No 2156   Prelude on "Lavenham"

by Geoffrey Nobes

Performed by the International Staff Band

An arrangement of a hymn, written by the composer with words by Reverend Nick Fawcett. The three statements of the melody correspond to the following  verse of the hymn and seek to reflect their meaning:

Lord, there are times when I have to ask, "What" -

Times when your love is not easy to spot.

What is life´s purpose and what of me here?

Grant me some answers, Lord, make your will clear

No 2157   On we march

by Kevin Larsson

Performed by the International Staff Band

This piece was written for the Pasadena Tabernacle Band for their 120th anniversary. It includes a number of tunes closely connected with the Corps including "Everything´s coming up roses" from "Gypsy", a song closely associated with the Rose Parade, and "Hooray for Hollywood" as the Corps was previously called Hollywood Tabernacle. Continuing on the Rose Parade theme, "On we march" and the well-known hymn tune "Rackie" are aslo featured.