GENERAL SERIES No 2088 - 2091

Sheet Music for Brass Band

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No 2088 March - Camp Happyland by James Anderson

This march features the children´s hymn:"There is a happy land, far, far away. Where saints in glory stand, bright, bright as day. O how they sweetly sing - Worthy is our Saviour-King! Loud let his praises ring. Praise, praise for aye."

No 2089 Intrada on "Monkland" by Stephen Bulla

The composer provided this scintillating concert opener for the first Charlotte Brass Spectacular. The hymn tune Monkland provides the melodic source for musical development. The associated text is by the 17th-Century poet John Milton. Stephen bulla´s imaginative treatment aligns well with the thoughts of praise and gratitude expressed in the initial verse: "Let us with a gladsome mind, praise the Lord for he is kind. For his mercies shall endure, Ever faithful, ever sure."

No 2090 Hymn tune arrangement - Ascalon by Ralph Pearce

This arrangement was written for the "Celebration of Life" service of Bandmaster Eric Loveless in June 2006. Generally pastoral in aspect, it also contains a reference to the song "In the love of Jesus", which was Bandmaster Loveless´s favourite slow melody solo.

No 2091 Song arrangement - I´ve got joy! by Derick Kane

The song performed by the International Staff Songster here presents in a bright, lively style arranged for brass band