GENERAL SERIES No 2080 - 2083

Sheet Music for Brass Band

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No 2080 Morning Praise by Keith Manners

This lively arrangement features the tune "Covenant"

No 2081 March - Leicester South by Trevor Davies

Leicester South Corps of The Salvation Army was formerly known as Leicester Castle but relocated to a new site and assumed its current name in 2005. The composer's own song, 'Where I love to be' is the central theme but switched into a 6/8 rhythm for the purposes of this march.

No 2082 The power of the cross by Paul Sharman

Stuart Townend and Keith Getty's song, 'Oh to see the dawn' tells the story of the events of Good Friday. Starting with a lone cornet, the piece builds until a realisation that death is not the end and the final, triumphant presentation of the chorus culminating in the truth, 'We stand forgiven at the cross'.

No 2083 Song arrangement - Written in red by Dean Jones

There are certain songs that really capture the wonderful message of the gospel in an instantly compelling way. For many, Gordon Jensen's song 'Written in red' would fall into that category. The song was first published in 1984 and so, 25 years on, this arrangement for brass band has been made available.