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DVD ONE: Youth Brass in Concert

  Houghton Area Youth Band  
1 In a Persian Market Lee Morris & Luke McCormick
  Youth Brass 2000  
2 Starburst Dan Price
  Rochdale Borough Youth Band  
3 Circle of Life arr. Reid Gilje
  Elland Silver Youth Band  
4 Fantasy on London Nursery Rhymes Dan Price
5 Live and Let Die arr. Ray Farr
  Wardle Academy Youth Band  
6 Marziale from The Armed Man arr. Tony Small
7 The Great Little Army Kenneth J. Alford
8 Hymn before Action from The Armed Man arr. Tony Small
9 Flanders Fields Dan Price
10 Charge from The Armed Man arr. Tony Small
11 Flanders Fields (Andante Sostenuto) Dan Price

World of Brass in Concert - Foden's


DVD TWO: Brass in Concert Championship

  Atlantic Brass Band  
1 Asphalt Cocktail trs. Jim Gray
2 Mongolian Folk Song arr. Craig Roberts
  Reg Vardy Band  
3 A Moment in Time Tom Davoren
4 Tourbillon Tom Davoren
5 The Longest Time arr. Tom Davoren
  Hammonds Band  
6 A Short Ride in a Brass Machine Andrew Baker 
7 Clair de Lune arr. Daniel Hall
  Whitburn Band  
8 The Royal Hunt of the Sun from Evocations Martin Ellerby 
9 This Little Light of Mine arr. Leigh Baker 
  Flowers Band  
10 The Red Hills of Georgia Jonathan Bates 
11 Let Freedom Ring Jonathan Bates 
12  I wish I knew how it would feel to be free arr. Jonathan Bates 
  Foden's Band  
13 The Crowning Jonathan Bates 
14 Eternal Source of Light Divine Jonathan Bates 
15 Seaside Rendezvous arr. Iain McKnight 
  Fountain City Brass Band  
16 Libertango arr. Lee Harrelson 
17 The Hymn of Acxiom arr. Lee Harrelson 
18 Malaguena arr. Lee Harrelson 
  Manger Musikklag  
19 My Mother is a Fish Martin Winter 
20 Rag for Igor Martin Winter 
21 Trumpets with Man Martin Winter 
  Brighouse & Rastrick Band  
22  Our Hidden Language Jacob Vilhelm Larsen 
  i. Introduction  
  ii. Cassini's Last Dance   
  iii. Ballerina   
  v. Washboard Watkins   
  vii. Firebird Invention & Finale   
  Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band  
23 The Murder in the Night
24 Threnody
25 Cloak and Dagger
26 How to catch a killer...
  Cory Band  
27 O Verona
28  Caribe
29  Love Theme from Fantasy Overture Romeo and Juliet
30  Clans Collide
31  Lament
32  Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde
33  Somewhere from West Side Story