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No 344   March - A New Life

by Morgan Juel Stavik

This march features the song "I Want To Tell You What The Lord Has Done" and takes its title from the last line of the chorus "He can take your lige as He did mine, and make it anew". There is also another meaning in the title "A New Life". On Christmas Eve 2013, my niece Emma was born and I became an uncle for the first time. The march was written in the days that followed her berth and is, of course, dedicated to her

No 345   Festival Overture - Covenant

by Bruce Broughton

This arrangement is a setting of the hymn tune "Cleansing Fountain", based upon an early American melody. It is a very beautiful, very singable and very simple five-note tune. Lowell Mason´s hymn adaptation retains some of the rough evergy of the original melody along with its strong lyricism. The contrast between these elements forms the basis of the piece. Althoughcommonly associated with the words "There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood", there is no connection to the words intended in this piece.

No 346   Spirit of God, Descend

by Frederick C Atkinson, arranged by Harold Burgmayer

George Croly worked in the London slums as a pastor in the mid 19th century. What mattered most to Croly was not what a person was on the outside, but what he or she was on the inside. The words "Spirit of God, Descend" appeal for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit

No 347  Christ of Calvary

by Lady Jane Scott, arranged by Joel Collier

The beautiful melody of Annie Laurie provides a perfect setting for Nathan Aldersley´s thoughtful and stirring text,. Each verse of this setting seeks to express the development of thought and conviction throughout the text, developing from moments of intimacy and introspection to exhortation and exlamation