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No 309   Easter Festival Prelude
by Kenneth Downie

The music is inspired by the regal tune from the eighteenth century, to which Charles Wesley wrote his famous Easter Hymn, "Christ the Lord is risen today, Hallelujah"

No 310  Alleluias Raise!
by Harold Burgmayer

The triumphant Easter story calls for a majestic and celebratory response in music. "Alleluias Raise!" combines the hymn tune "Llanfair" with portions of the  "Hallelujah Chorus". The piece was originally conceived for use with the graded band program at the Manhattan Citadel Corps led at the time by Bandmaster Andrew Garcia.

No 311  See What a Morning
by Dorothy Gates

This peace was written at the request of Bandmaster Ronald Waiksnoris for the New York Staff Band´s latest recording project Easter Glory. The piece is a distinct Celtic feel. It begins quietly and mysteriously with "See Mary weeping - Where is He laid?. As in sorrow she turns from the empty tomb." Easter Sunday is a triumphant experience for us from the crack of dawn until dusk. However, for the early followers of Jesus, that first Easter Sunday did not start out triumphantly. here was a period of uncertainty and even fear before Mary recognized her Lord in the garden. The piece moves from suspense to triumph, celebrating our Lord´s resurrection.

No 312 Loud Shroud
by Glenn Welch

Easter is arguably the happiest of hoidays. During its original celebration the women at the tomb likely did not march in dignified manner to the disciples and perform a majestic fanfare on trumpets. Rather, one would think they were giddy with joy, overwhelmed by this wonderful miracle of the Resurrection and, totally uninhibited, burst into the house and blurted out the good news.
Go ahead, let down your hair and dance like David to celebrate - Jesus is alive forevermore!