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No 300  Song arrangement - God Bless America
by Irving Berlin, arr William Himes

Written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and revised in 1938, "God Bless America" has endured as one of the greatest expressions of American patriotism. It was written between World War I and II as a prayer for peace.

No 301  March - Old Orchard Beach
by David Rowsell

This march was written for the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meeting Band, later known as Crossfire Brass. It features two songs which were traditionally used each summer as benedictions at the Camp meetings - "Give to Jesus Glory" and "Praise God I´m Saved"

No 302  Hymn Setting - Day By Day
by Oscar Ahnfelt, arr Kathryn Opina

Features the tune "Trust in God" The music attempts to portray the need for God every day in the Christian´s life.

No 303  Meditation - Perfect Peace
by Eric Leidzén, arr Morgan Juel Stavik

This music was written in a state of grief at the death of someone I both admired and loved and I can´t really remember writing it. Erik Leidzén´s song "Peace, Perfect Peace" means a great deal to me and when asked to write a piece for the annual year´s concert of the Drammen Band, Norway, it seemed only natural to garner inspiration from that song.

No 304  March - A Day to Stand
by Jeremy Smith

Written in 2010 for the Salvation Army´s Rose Parade march competition, this march incorporates the tunes "This is the Day" and "Stand up for Jesus", reminding us that today, right now, is the time to stand up for Jesus in all we do.