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No 275 March - Ocean County Citadel

by Thomas Mack

The composers presentation:This march was written for a corps in the New Jersey Division of the Eastern Territory, USA. It incorporates the chorus "By The Blood My Savior Shed", a favorite of the current bandmaster. The secodn song, "Closer to Jesus" includes words by Lt Colonel William D MacLean, a soldier of the corps.

No 276 You Are My Hiding Place

by Michael Ledner, arr Gary Rhodes, trans Thomas Mack

Presentation by Thomas Mack:This transcription of Gary Rhodes´ vocal arrangement expresses Michael Ledner´s music and words, "You are my hiding place. You always fill my heart with songs of deliverance. Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You. I will trust in You. Let the weak say I am strong. In the strength of the Lord, I will trust in You".

No 277 Flugel horn solo - Through It All

by Randy Vader & Jay Rouse, arr Andrew Blyth

Presentation by Andrew Blyth:This song incorporates two tunes - the first tune "Shenandoah" is often associated with the words from the S.A. Song Book - "Mid All The Traffic". The second is a contemporary song which has been featured by the well-known Christian artist Sandi Patty entitled "Throught It All". The solo endeavors to provide a testimony for the soloist - no matter what we endure and enjoy in life our faith will keep and sustain us through all that comes our way.

No 278 March - Oak Creek

by Andrew R. Mackereth

The composers presentation:Oak Creek was written for Dennis Crowell of the Oak Creek Corps, USA Central Territory. It is an upbeat march that features tunes well-known at that corps: * Since Jesus Came Into My Heart and * Blessed Be The Name of The Lord