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No 336   March - Life Songs

by Stephen Bulla

This march was commissioned by The Cascade Divisional Music and Arts Director, Jamie Hood to be played by the Cascade Divisional Band at the retirement of Lt Col. Judy Smith. The march contains two of Lt Col Smith´s favorite Salvation Army Choruses - "Life is A Song" and "God is Still on The Throne"

No 337   Cornet Solo  -  Just Where I Am

by Edgar Ginsted, arrangement by Thomas Scheibner

This cornet solo was arranged for Retired Staff Bandmaster Derek Smith to present at the New York Staff Band´s 110th Annual Festival in 1997. Derek´s beautiful lyric playing was captured on video and has been played back on youtube over the past 20 years.

No 338   Spirit Song

by John Wimber, arrangement by Chelsea Pascoe

This piece is an arrangement of John Wimber´s Spriit Song, originally written for The Salvation Army West End Community Church Band in Bermuda. This "easy listening" arrangement is lyrical in style, but also has an expressive intensity that matches ther personal nature of the words associated with the tune

"Oh, let the Son of God enfold you, with His Spirit and His love" ..

No 339   Philippians 4:6

by Bobby Mcferring, arrangement by Dorothy Gates

This music was written for the New York Staff Band´s trip to Jaaica in 2012. It is a fun marriage of two songs, the Sunday School chorus "If Your´re Happy and You Know It" with Jamaica´s own Bobby McFerrin´s, "Don´t Worry, Be Happy". The Title encapsulates the thought behind the arrangement:

"Don´t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let your petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns (The Message)"