Sheet Music for Brass Band

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No 212   America The Beautiful
by Samuel Augustus Ward, arr Dorothy Gates

This arrangement was written as a direct response to the horrific events on September 11, 2001.

No 213   Battle Cry of Freedom
by Stanley Ditmer

While the human desire for freedom is universal, the theme is seen here from a distinctly American perspective. Included are the songs "The Battle Cry of Freedom", dating back to the Civil War era - "Nobody knows the trouble I´ve seen", welling up from the souls of African-American slaves before emancipation and "We shall overcome", not only the unofficial anthem for the Black Civil Rights movement but also the hearfelt song on the lips of people everywhere protesting oppression and injustice.

No 214   March Patriotica
by Stephen Bulla

Many favorite patriotic American Themes are woven into this stirring march.